What is an Indoor Grill Called?
What is an Indoor Grill Called?

What is an Indoor Grill Called?

What is an Indoor Grill Called?If you want to enjoy delicious grilled food, you don’t have to cook outdoors.

The most popular ingredients that you can cook outside can also be prepared with an indoor grill.

Whether you want to sear steaks, kebabs, burgers, or any of your favorites, an indoor grill is an excellent investment.

If you’ve been looking for options but have come up short, you might simply be looking for the wrong type of product.

Most indoor grills have a name that you might be familiar with.

What is an indoor grill called?

In most cases, you’ll find one listed as an electric grill.

Is There a Difference Between Electric Grills and Indoor Grills?

Any type of electric grill can be used indoors.

These are typically marketed as indoor/outdoor electric grills.

This can create some confusion with buyers.

You could also see indoor grills called tabletop electric grills.

Don’t worry because all of these products essentially refer to the same thing.

If you’re familiar with a George Foreman grill, then you already know exactly what an indoor electric grill is.

What Makes Electric Grills Best for Indoor Cooking?

What is an Indoor Grill Called?Whether considering gas, charcoal, or pellet grills, all these options produce carbon monoxide gas.

These grills need to be used in well-ventilated open spaces to prevent contamination and life-threatening illness.

But it’s not just the poisonous gas.

Traditional grills use open flames and hot solid fuel.

In the case of charcoal grills, they can sometimes send embers flying out of the firebox.

Inside a home, this can be incredibly dangerous.

Most grills simply aren’t made to be used indoors.

Electric grills are different.

With electric elements used to create heat, there’s no solid fuel.

That means no embers.

And, electric elements won’t produce carbon monoxide gas, so it’s safe to use an electric grill inside without the risk of contamination in the air.

Most importantly, if something goes wrong, you can quickly unplug an electric grill from the outlet.

Of course, electric grills can also be used outdoors on tabletops, patios, decks, or anywhere that you have access to an outlet.

What Type of Electric Grill Should You Buy?

What is an Indoor Grill Called?If you want to buy an indoor grill there are a couple of popular electric models that you can start with.

The George Foreman Indoor Outdoor 12+ Serving Grill is one of the most popular indoor grills ever made.

It can be used on a pedestal stand for a traditional grilling experience, or a tabletop.

Reliable and convenient, this powerful grill works with no charcoal, no propane, and no flare-ups.

You can enjoy cooking indoors, even when you want authentic grilled meals.

An electric grill is the best type of indoor grill for you.