Weber is one of the top names in gas and charcoal cooking. A real market innovator, Weber has spent decades researching and developing durable grills that meet and exceed the requirements of home cooks.

Whether you are buying a reasonably priced Weber Kettle, or a more modern Weber Genesis grill, it’s reasonable to expect a level of quality and durability that goes above the average brand.

Because Weber grills come with a slight price premium, it’s fair to expect that they will last longer than the competition. If you’re considering a Weber gas grill, it will be important to learn how long will a Weber Genesis grill last.

Let’s take a look and find out…

The Materials Used on Weber Genesis Gas Grills

To determine how long will a Weber Genesis grill last, we must consider the materials that are used. For this, we’ll focus on the Weber Genesis II S-435 Gas Grill.

  • One of the most notable features of this Weber Genesis model is the stainless steel construction. The hood, body parts, and cabinet doors are made from stainless steel. This is considered to be the most durable grill material because it will resist rust and all expected weather conditions. If you want a grill that will last, it should be made primarily from stainless steel.
  • The burners on this model and other Genesis models are made from stainless steel. They are commercial-grade burners that will resist rust caused by the moisture in propane and natural gas.
  • Even the cooking grates on this and other Weber Genesis models are made from stainless steel. Weber uses solid stainless steel rods welded together for durability and the best heat resistance.
  • Some coated steel and plastic elements are used, but these are kept to a minimum and the quality is above average.

Considering these features, we can now take a look at the warranty period to evaluate the minimum expected lifespan for the parts on a Genesis grill. With this, we’ll understand just how long will a Weber Genesis grill last.


Weber’s Warranty is One of the Most Generous in the Industry

How Long Will a Weber Genesis Grill Last?The Warranty on any grill is an indicator of how long the grill should last. A grill with a one-year warranty, for example, could be expected to last for at least a year before needing maintenance or new parts. A Weber Genesis grill will last much longer than a year.

The Weber Genesis series is covered by an all-parts 10 Year 100% Weber Guarantee. This is effectively a warranty on all parts, excluding normal wear and tear. If you invest in a Weber Genesis, you could expect it to last at least a decade before needing a replacement.

But even with a ten-year warranty period, a grill could last much longer when cared for. If you regularly clean your grill, store it in a shed or garage during the worst weather, or if you use a waterproof and breathable grill cover like this KingKong Grill Cover, you could see your grill last up to fifteen years or even longer.

A Weber Genesis Grill is a Durable and Long-Lasting Option

How long will a Weber Genesis grill last? If we take the warranty as a guideline, the minimum is ten years. As most experienced grill owners will know, a few extra steps will keep the grill in serviceable condition for even longer.

If you’re looking for a durable grill that is a real investment, the Genesis series is one of your best choices today.


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