How to Store Propane Tanks Safely

Propane grilling is a popular way to create impressive meals during the summer or at any time of the year. Propane is easily stored and readily available. In most places, it’s also incredibly affordable.

If you’re getting ready to grill for the first time, or if it has been a while and you’ve just bought a new grill, you can follow our tips on how to store propane tanks safely.

  • Storing a tank in an enclosed space can be dangerous.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight.
  • When storing see the gas valve is off.
  • If stored outside see that it will be kept dry.
  • Do not store in your house.
Don’t Store Your Propane Tank in Your Shed or Garage

How to Store Propane Tanks SafelyMost of your outdoor appliances and tools get stored in your shed or garage. Your propane tank will be different. Storing a tank in an enclosed space can be dangerous.

If it starts to leak, the gas could cause a fire or explosion. Simply turning on an electrical appliance, starting a lawnmower, or starting your car can ignite the gas in an enclosed space.

Instead, store your propane tank outside but under a cover. It can be stored underneath a deck, on a sheltered balcony or patio, or under an eave where it will be kept dry.

A tarpaulin secured with a drawstring, stones, or bricks can be placed over the tank during inclement weather. You could also invest in a specialized product like this Weber 7137 Tank Cover.

Can Your Propane Tank Get Wet?

How to Store Propane Tanks SafelyWhile your propane tank can get wet, this could cause rust over time and may compromise the safety of your tank.

It’s important to store your tank somewhere where it will be kept dry throughout the year. A cover or bag will work well to protect your tank.

You can also store your tank with your grill, keeping everything secure and dry inside a single cover.

A high-quality universal grill cover will prevent moisture, dust, dirt, and insects from getting into your grill and onto your propane tank.

This AmazonBasics Gas Grill Barbecue Cover is a reliable option available in a range of sizes.

What if You Can’t Store Your Tank Outside?

How to Store Propane Tanks SafelyIf you can’t avoid storing your tank in a shed or garage, make sure that it is kept at ground level and that the area is regularly ventilated. Consider investing in a leak detector for peace of mind.

This Kidde AC Plug-in Carbon Monoxide and Explosive Gas Detector Alarm is a useful device for any storage area where you keep propane, gas-powered appliances, and vehicles.

A gas alarm in your garage can prevent accidents and give you confidence knowing that your family is safe.

Always take care when handling and storing propane gas tanks. A few extra steps will minimize risk and ensure that your tank is ready to go whenever you want to fire your grill up.


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