Replacement Coleman Grill Stove Griddles

A griddle is one of the most important elements that you can add to a Coleman grill. A high quality cooking griddle can make it easier to cook your favorite foods, it can be practical with a design that prevents food dropping, and a griddle can even change how well your food is cooked. If […]

Essential Coleman RoadTrip Grill Parts

If you’re the proud owner of a Coleman RoadTrip grill, then you will know how convenient it can be to have a dual burner cooking station while you are on the road. Whether it’s for camping, hunting, or tailgating and general road tripping, you will find that a Coleman grill can become one of your […]

Buying and Replacing a Coleman RoadTrip Grill Regulator

Owning a portable Coleman grill is a great convenience, giving you easy grilling no matter where you are. If you regularly go camping, if you like to take road trips, or even if you like fishing or hunting, then a small and portable Coleman grill can be a great investment. If you want to get […]

Best Coleman BBQ Accessories for Grills and Stoves

A Coleman grill is the perfect companion for the road. Whether you’re camping in the woods, spending time lakeside, or even heading out on an extended road tour, you can use a Coleman grill to enjoy your favorite BBQ and fried food while you are on the go. Coleman models like the RoadTrip can be […]

Is the Char-Griller Akorn Kamado Kooker the Best Grill Smoker Combo?

Grilling outdoors is one of the best ways to enjoy the summer, and many grill enthusiasts also love to smoke BBQ meat and fish during the warmer season. For many, a separate smoker is seen as a necessity, but in recent years it has become more common to see grill and smoker combos. The problem […]

Bobby Flay’s Grill It !

Host the best backyard parties with these 150 simple but mouth-watering recipes from grilling expert, Bobby Flay, in his first grilling book with full illustrations and color. Whatever you decide to make, be it corn, or chicken breast, you can enjoy a simple grilled meal bursting with incredible flavors by using Bobby Flay’s Grill it! […]

Char-Broil American Gourmet Smoker – The Best Offset Smoker?

When looking for the best offset smoker you will find plenty of choice on the market. The problem with a lot of choice is that it can actually become confusing to find something that meets your needs. If you need a smoker that is small and easy to use, and also highly affordable, then you’ll […]

The Best Smokers Under $300

Grilling is a great way to enjoy your BBQ food, but for the purists, only smoked meat will make the grade. If you’ve wanted to be able to make your own smoked and cured meats at home, then a smoker could be something that you’ve considered purchasing. With a purpose-built smoker you can follow the […]

Five Best Built In Gas Grills for Your Home

Whenever you are designing an outdoor entertainment area, your choice of grill will be important. A portable or standalone grill can become the focal point, or, you can take things a step further with a permanent gas grill installation. Using a drop in style grill will make your cooking area feel like a real outdoor […]

The Best Infrared Grill? Full Review of Char Broil Grill2Go

Infrared technology on grills has become a big feature in recent years. In the standalone grill market, we have manufacturers like Napoleon who use infrared technology as a key selling point. Infrared can provide quick and efficient heating that penetrates into large cuts of meat. Your food is cooked faster, more thoroughly, and it can […]

Rotisserie Grilling: 50 Recipes For Your Grill’s Rotisserie

It contains fifty recipes all with pictures – with the paperback in black and white, and the kindle in full color. There’s no way you won’t find one you like. If you’re a beginner, you can learn the basics from Rotisserie Grilling. Things like how to set up the rotisserie, the equipment you need, or […]

How to Grill: The Complete Illustrated Book of Barbecue Techniques, A Barbecue Bible! Cookbook

According to Tom Colicchio, How to Grill, which won an IACP Cookbook Award is “the definitive how-to guide for anyone passionate about grilling, from the newest beginner to the most sophisticated chef”. How to Grill is a complete color photo book, complete with step-by-step techniques. It goes straight to the heart of the grilling experience […]