Bobby Flay’s Grill It !

Bobby Flay's Grill ItHost the best backyard parties with these 150 simple but mouth-watering recipes from grilling expert, Bobby Flay, in his first grilling book with full illustrations and color.

Whatever you decide to make, be it corn, or chicken breast, you can enjoy a simple grilled meal bursting with incredible flavors by using Bobby Flay’s Grill it! Jam-packed with innovative marinades, vinaigrettes, sauces, and some of the rubs that are Booby’s claim to being a celebrity chef and top restaurateur, you can transform simple ingredients into grilled masterpieces, all through the year with this wonderful cookbook.

Bobby is aware of how you cook and shop; he understands your thought patterns. This is why, this cookbook is organized in a convenient manner according to ingredients, with chapters talking about juicy beef steaks as well as luscious shrimp, including less traditional grill meals like asparagus, lamb, fruit, potatoes, scallops, and squash, to enable you broaden your backyard selection. Bobby shows you how to grill every staple to perfection while giving you ideas on how to transform your best ingredients into creative and satisfying meals like Grilled chicken Thighs garnished with Green Olives, as well as Sherry Vinegar-Orange sauce, including Grilled Steak with some Balsamic-Rosemary Butter.

Bobby Flay’s Grill It is an all-inclusive grill guide, and it includes the following:

    * Bobby’s view on charcoal and gas grills, and the best way to pick the one that suits your budget.

    * A list of grilling tools that are a must have

    * How to stock your grill pantry

    * A resource guide for choosing good quality ingredients, accessories and supplies.

The bottom line is that Bobby Flay’s Grill it, will offer you the best of Booby! Regardless of what you decide to grill, Booby will help you come up with a simple meal that is fun to cook, fresh with incredible flavors. This is the best guide for achieving grilling guru status !

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