Can I Put Fish Directly on the Grill Surface?
Can I Put Fish Directly on the Grill Surface?

Can I Put Fish Directly on the Grill Surface?

Can I Put Fish Directly on the Grill Surface?Grilled fish is a wonderful tasting and healthy option for family meals and dinner parties.

But for many home cooks, grilling fish is something of a mystery.

Even if you’re a pro in the kitchen, transferring your favorite recipes to the grill surface can be a challenge.

What happens if you cook fish directly on the grill?

Will the ingredients fall through?

There are a few simple steps you can follow to ensure that your fish stays intact, and with some affordable accessories, you can grill fish easier than ever before.

What Kind of Grill do You Have?

Can I Put Fish Directly on the Grill Surface?If you want to put fish directly on the grill surface, you’ll need the right kind of grill.

Fish is flaky and delicate, and it can easily fall through a slotted grill surface.

So, if you want the fish to remain intact, you’ll need a solid griddle plate.

The good news is that even if you don’t have one of these on your grill today, you can easily add one.

You can choose to add a cast iron plate which will give you the most durability with excellent results.

Alternatively, disposable grill mats are available if you only plan to grill fish occasionally.

A Cast Iron Grill Upgrade to Directly Grill Fish

Can I Put Fish Directly on the Grill Surface?Cast iron will last for generations, so if you buy a grill/griddle surface made from this material, you’ll never have to replace it.

Lodge is one of the most trusted names in cast iron cookware.

The Lodge Pre-Seasoned Reversible Grill/Griddle is ideal for your gas or charcoal grill. It can be placed directly on the cooking grids.

This is a great option for cooking a variety of different fish with the skin on or off.

The lined griddle surface is great for preventing sticking and allowing excess oil to drip away from your ingredients.

Best of all, you can use this for other ingredients like any kind of meat, vegetables, or even eggs made on your grill.

Disposable Grill Mats for Grilling Fish

Can I Put Fish Directly on the Grill Surface?If you only intend to grill fish occasionally then you can save some money by choosing disposable grill mats.

These are great for cooking fish and other ingredients that would fall through the cooking grids.

Grill mats will eventually degrade and break down, but even if you use them frequently, you could get a set to last for around two years or even longer in some cases.

You can even use grill mats inside of your oven for baking or any time that you need a reliable liner for your ingredients.

These Renook Grill Mats are reusable, can be cleaned in a dishwasher, and are 100% nonstick to prevent your fish from breaking up when you turn it with a spatula.

You get six mats in a set with each one being usable for up to 100 grilling sessions.

Make the Best Fish on Your Grill

Can I Put Fish Directly on the Grill Surface?Can you put fish directly on the grill surface?


With the right accessories, you’ll enjoy perfectly grilled fish with minimal mess and cleanup.