Can You Smoke Meat in a Gas Grill?
Can You Smoke Meat in a Gas Grill?

Can You Smoke Meat in a Gas Grill?

Can You Smoke Meat in a Gas Grill?

Smoked meat brings new flavors to the table with unique complexities that simply aren’t there when using conventional cooking methods.

The flavor of smoked meat can be subtle and complementary to other ingredients, or it can become the main profile of a dish.

The type of smoke you use, the temperature you cook at, and the cooking time will all influence how much flavor is infused.

One thing’s for sure, if you’re going to enjoy smoked meat at home, you’ll need the right cooking appliance.

While the most experienced home cooks often use dedicated smokers, not everyone has the budget or the space for a separate appliance that is only used occasionally.

If you have a gas grill, you can still get an amazing smoky flavor with the ingredients that you love.

Can you smoke meat in a gas grill? Absolutely! Here’s how you can do it…

Smoking Meat in a Gas Grill

Can You Smoke Meat in a Gas Grill?

Let’s clear this up right away. You can smoke meat in a gas grill, you’ll just need some patience, a smoker box, and some inspiration to try new flavors.

Dedicated smokers have special seals to ensure that the maximum amount of smoke is infused into the food. Gas grills don’t have these seals so some smoke will escape during the cooking process.

While meat smoked in a gas grill won’t come out quite the same as with a dedicated smoker, you can still get excellent results.

Here’s What You Need to Smoke Meat in a Gas Grill

Smoking is a low-temperature cooking process where the food is exposed to indirect heat.

This means that you won’t be cooking directly over a lit burner. If you want to smoke meat in a gas grill, you’ll need at least two burners to get it done right.

Even some of the most affordable gas grills can be used for smoking meat. The Char-Broil Performance Series 2-Burner Gas Grill is a great starting point if you’re looking for something affordable and suited to family cooking or entertaining small groups.

If you have a larger gas grill with more burners, that will work, too.In addition to the grill, you’ll need your meat, a smoker box, and some wood chips.

Choosing a Smoker Box

Can You Smoke Meat in a Gas Grill?Wood chips should be placed in a smoker box rather than directly on the grilling surface where they would burn quickly without infusing flavor.

A smoker box is a metal container that is placed directly on the grilling surface. It keeps the wood from being exposed directly to the flame.

The Best Wood for Smoking on a Gas Grill

Can You Smoke Meat in a Gas Grill?When it comes to wood, there are plenty of unique options available. The choice depends on the type of meat you’re smoking and the flavor that you’re looking for.

If you’ve smoked in a dedicated smoker and already have a preferred wood, go for it.

If you will be smoking for the first time, it’s best to choose a variety pack so that you can experiment with different flavors.

The Western Wood Smoking Chip Variety Pack includes Apple, Cherry, Pecan, Post Oak, Hickory, and Mesquite chips.

  • Apple is ideal for poultry, seafood, and pork.
  • Post Oak has a strong flavor that’s great for red meat, fish, and game.
  • Cherry produces a dark and complex crust and is perfect for pork, beef, and poultry.
  • Hickory is a heavier wood that works well for turkey, game, and red meat, especially brisket.
  • Pecan is like hickory but more subtle. It’s great for all types of meat and cheese.
  • Mesquite has the heaviest flavor and is best for darker meat, especially beef and game.

How to Smoke Meat in a Gas Grill

Can You Smoke Meat in a Gas Grill?

The process for smoking in a gas grill is quite simple. Once you get accustomed to it, you’ll find that smoking becomes one of your favorite ways to cook.

  1. Soak your wood chips: While not always necessary with a dedicated smoker, there’s more risk of wood chips igniting when using a gas grill. Soak your wood chips in clean water for 30 minutes and pat them dry before cooking.
  2. Preheat your grill: Get your grill up to the cooking temperature indicated by the recipe you’re following. Preheat for around 10 minutes.
  3. Add your wood chips: Place the wood chips in your smoker box and make sure they are spread out to cover the bottom. Don’t overfill the box by stacking too many chips.
  4. Close the grill and start smoking: Put your food next to the smoker box but away from the direct heat of the burner underneath it. Close the hood and use the control knobs to maintain your ideal cooking temperature throughout. The smoke will be concentrated around the box, so keep your meat as close as possible while still keeping it off the direct flame.

Cooking time will depend on temperature and ingredients. You can smoke for hours in a gas grill if you’re working at a lower temperature, but you may need to top up the box as you go.

To check for the doneness of your meat, you can use a simple probe thermometer like this KULUNER Waterproof Instant-Read Thermometer.

Smoking With a Gas Grill Is Easy and Fun

Can You Smoke Meat in a Gas Grill?

Can you smoke meat in a gas grill? By now you know that the answer is yes! You’ll enjoy trying new flavors with your favorite ingredients.

You can slow smoke at lower temperatures, or even add a smoker box during your normal cooking process for a milder infused flavor.

With the right accessories, any gas grill can give you the rich and complex smoke flavors that will impress your family and friends.