Making a BBQ Grill At Home – Different DIY Ways
Making a BBQ Grill At Home – Different DIY Ways

Making a BBQ Grill At Home – Different DIY Ways

Making a BBQ Grill At HomeIn America and possibly all over the planet, grilling is a quintessential fun and recreational cooking activity done outdoors.

Lots of roasting, grilling, and marination and having everything crunchy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – of course, with one’s family and friends, loosely define a typical summertime.

Expectedly, nearly every home decides to use either a propane grill or charcoal grill, with just a handful choosing to build their individual variants of the two.

Primarily, the backyard is neatly arranged, with the BBQ pit lit at one end and dining seats on the other, foods of almost all types; meat, veggies, corn, and salad are grilled.

However, even when many know and indeed rely on these pieces of equipment to do a great job, some may just fail to turn up to the expectations. And that’s when the thought of  Making a BBQ Grill At Home comes alive.

Why Build a Barbecue Grill At Home

There are many reasons to construct a custom-built outdoor cooking area, even when your current charcoal barbecue grill or electric grill is working.

Perhaps, you may need an alternative lest the present wood or propane grill fails to work.

Or, if you have an indoor electric grill that’s too small to be used in large-scale grilling.

Some people even decide to build one so as to spruce up the porch and add more value to the entire house.

In fact, when you look at some of these DIY barbecue grills, you should notice that the overall cost around their construction is far much lower than buying a new one.

Others are classy, convenient, and excellent in grilling and only require no particular expertise to be assembled and lit.

Important Considerations

Before you begin to construct a custom grill, it would be wise to assess and determine what you would like the grill to be.

Whether it will be like a gas or charcoal grill depends on your preferences.

Again, if it will be a permanent structure, do consider the type of amenities – cabinets, refrigerators, sinks, running water, electricity, and lighting. Primarily, most of them fall into the charcoal grill category.

Simple, Classic Brick Barbecue Grill

Making a BBQ Grill At HomeMuch as the entire project will be labour-intensive, it can take a day or two.

Mainly, no particular expertise in construction would be needed, and the builder may only need to be precise when laying the foundation.

Regarding where it can be situated; well, a reasonably open space in the yard where smoke would no accumulate and hamper smooth grilling.

Quite honestly, the simple, classic brick structure would mean that it should be bigger than the conventional models.

Again, it should be a permanent, immobile structure complete with each and every aspect of a perfect summer grill alternative.

Necessary tools for the job will be a Shovel, Rake or Hoe, Level, carpenter’s Square, Tape Measure, several Cinder Bricks, quite a few Steel Sheets of different dimensions and Masonry Sand.

Construction will entail using the metal grill grates as the guidelines of the best size and layout of the brick BBQ.

Whether thick or thin, the walls can be the size of an adult’s knee-waist high, and the inner area should be flat.

However, of importance to mention is the outlook of the entire structure that must have a kiln-like compartment and a sufficient number of ventilation pits.

Finally when construction works have been finished, and the structure is ready, having it painted on the outside will serve no purpose.

Used Oil Drum Barbecue

Making a BBQ Grill At Home

As far as DIY barbecuing is alive, no other homemade item can make your summer memorable than an inexpensive barrel grill.

Just a 50-gallon drum, either new or almost-new, but still looking good with a few more plumbing parts and you will have an excellent grill.

However, it is important to mention that given the complexity of making a Used Oil Drum BBQ at home, some experience in welding might be needed.

Moreover, if you don’t have anything to start with, the entire cost of purchasing and hiring an expert to do the job may mean breaking your budget.

To make it classy and practical to use and completely ready in one day though, collect all and sundry, and use your expertise to carefully cut lengthwise into two.

To begin constructing it, cut your Used Oil Drum the conventional way, maybe with a Jigsaw’s Cutting Blade and making sure that one part is comparatively bigger than the other.

You should then have the edges sanded down using a disc grinder before having the two cut halves cleaned.

Some of the things that the structure will also need include legs and support that will form a rectangular frame to hold, hinges to make it easy to open and close the lid and a heat-resistant spray paint.

The whole procedure is quite elaborate, but one other thing that you will need is a grate – a stainless steel mesh. Don’t forget to include a vent so that lighting it up won’t be hard.

Wheel Rim Barbecue Pit
Making a BBQ Grill At Home

As the DIY homemade barbecue grills revolution takes root, one visibly stand-out idea worth trying out is using a Wheel Rim.

Given that it consists of a single rim tire and requires no welding whatsoever, Wheel Rim BBQ grill’s popularity is expected.

It is easy to use and rightly convenient for those who need a portable, homemade BBQ pit for summer.

Designing an awe-inspiring tire rim grill is a breeze, particularly because no welding is needed.

The rim is already right to be lit and only needs a grate – something like a stainless steel wire mesh, sheet steel, or anything suitable.

As for an ash pan, an old frying pan will invariably help much in cleaning and proper disposal of the ash.

So, you’ll need an old tire rim, a can of heat-resistant spray paint, some bolts that include lag bolts, a steel pipe, a suitable lattice, and four-wheel casters.

Construction isn’t as hard as making Used Oil Drum Barbecue and everything is pretty much straightforward provided that you have the right equipment.

Your Wheel Rim Barbecue Pit should be ready by the end of the day when you will then give it a test with a little delicacy like fish or any local staple.

Patio Furniture Barbecue Grill
Making a BBQ Grill At Home
Patio Furniture Barbecue Grill

Outdoor furniture barbecue grills are outstanding inkling for those people looking to reuse old, junk made of metal grids.

From metallic tables and chairs to a customized rotisserie oven, just about anything that could be used to make an open flame grill is welcome.

The idea of making Patio Furniture Barbecue grills at home is only reasonable and lucrative when it is done by a professional and more so using the right pieces of equipment.

However, most of the time, Patio furniture turns out to be a far-fetched idea, and that’s mainly because of the hefty cost and high risks and dangers associated with their use later.

Outdoor furniture must have been painted and treated with other chemicals to maintain their original state, instead of rusting away.

But when the whole process of making a DIY homemade BBQ grill is over, and the equipment is lit, contaminations and explosions do happen.

Stripping the paint and other chemicals off the metal surface may be reasonable.

However, it also adds another cost, and in the end, it makes the whole idea of making cheaper homemade barbecue grills outrageous.

Again, nobody may ensure that the materials are safe, chemical-free and ready to be used.

Kamado Ceramic Barbecue Grill

If having a beautiful homemade barbecue grill is your focus, then Kamado’s Ceramic Barbecue Grill ought to be on your list. It is probably the most artistic BBQ ever made, given the beautifully colored ceramic tiles.

Constructing a ceramic grill from scratch may not be possible mainly because of how intricately patterned the process could be.

However, you can find an old one and design it as per your preferences.

The whole idea of having a homemade barbecue grill could be economical and convenient.

There’s no limit to creativity with regards to making your own DIY rack that’s safe and easy to use.

It doesn’t have to be about repurposing old and lackluster tools, but rather a way of expressing the love for barbecue.

The Parting Shot

In conclusion, new barbecue grills are usually the easiest way of getting acquitted with the world of an ardent griller.

But if you are creative and won’t mind having an extra grill in the backyard then these examples are for you.

You may never know, perhaps the new, homemade grill will cook the tastiest delicacies while saving huge chunks of money in terms of monthly power and gas bills.

However, when all’s said and done, be sure to build an outdoor grill that’s safe to operate and cook safe, healthy foods.