Should I Cover My Outside Grill?
Should I Cover My Outside Grill?

Should I Cover My Outside Grill?

Should I Cover My Outside Grill?

Outdoor grills, whether considering gas or charcoal, are designed to be durable.

Manufacturers choose materials that resist corrosion, but exposure to the elements can still degrade a grill.

Many first-time grill owners ask a simple question: should I cover my outside grill?

If you want to protect your grill from damage, keep it looking its best, and maximize the return on your investment, you’ll need to keep it covered.

Take a look at the reasons why and see our picks for the best covers available for gas and charcoal grills.

Why You Should Cover Your Grill in Any Season

Whether it’s the middle of summer or the coldest month of winter, it pays to cover your grill.

Primarily, a cover will protect your grill from the elements.

Rain, snow, and hail can damage your grill. When your grill gets wet, rust becomes a risk.

Even the best stainless steel grills will rust if exposed to water, ice, and moisture in the air.

If it snows where you live, a grill cover will be particularly useful.

It will keep the grill covered and prevent water from getting inside when the snow eventually melts.

It’s not just water, ice, and snow that can damage your grill.

Without a cover, dirt and debris can build up on your grill.

Dirt on the surface can damage the finish, and you’ll need to clean your grill more often, which will expose it to moisture and increase the chance of rust.

Dirt could also work its way into the grill and contaminate the cooking surface.

A dirty grill will attract insects and critters, and you don’t want to find that your favorite cooking appliance has become a nest for local wildlife.

Chemicals are also a problem.

If you fertilize your lawn and garden or use chemicals to control pests and invasive plants, these could contaminate your grill.

The air could pick up chemical particulates, depositing them on and in your grill.

With a cover, you won’t have to worry about this type of contamination.

No matter how you look at it, there are plenty of good reasons to keep your grill covered.

You’ll protect your family and friends from contaminated food, and your grill will be kept in its best condition so that you can enjoy cooking on it for years to come.

What to Look for in a Grill Cover

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a grill cover is the fit.

The cover should closely fit the shape and dimensions of your grill.

It’s fine to purchase from a third-party brand, as long as the measurements closely approximate your unique model of the grill.

It’s also critical that you choose a grill cover without a soft felt lining. The lining can degrade quickly, leaving a mess all over your grill.

Felt lining can also attract critters looking for warmth in the colder months of the year.

Should I Cover My Outside Grill? The Final Word

You’ve asked should I cover my outside grill? The simple answer is yes.

This will protect your grill from damage and deterioration, and a cover is an affordable way to extend the lifetime of your grill.

  • If you’re looking for a reliable cover for a gas grill either with or without side shelves, consider the Grillman Premium Cover. It’s relatively affordable despite its excellent quality. The weatherproof material can last for many seasons and the cover is available in several sizes to fit your grill.
  • If you have a kettle-style grill like a Weber Kettle, consider the Classic Accessories Ravenna Kettle Grill Cover. It’s vented, made from durable weatherproof fabric, and has a drawstring design to securely fit your round charcoal grill.

With grill covers being so affordable and beneficial, there’s no reason not to pick one up today.