Nesco Meat Slicer – Three Models That Would be Perfect for Your Kitchen
Nesco Meat Slicer – Three Models That Would be Perfect for Your Kitchen

Nesco Meat Slicer – Three Models That Would be Perfect for Your Kitchen

Nesco meat slicer Having a meat slicer in your home can be a huge convenience, particularly if you love to prepare your deli meats, barbeque, or cold cuts.

With a Nesco meat slicer, you could do more than just slice meat, with most models providing functionality for fruit and vegetable slicing and even cheese slicing.

Every meat slicer on the market is slightly different and there are advantages and disadvantages to the various models that are out there.

If you are looking for a great investment for your home, then you’ll need to be certain that you choose a brand that is known for quality and durability.

Nesco meat slicers are made to high-quality standards and can provide years of life with very little maintenance.

If you’re ready to find your next purchase, then the following three models are a great place to start.

Nesco Meat Slicer – Three Best Models
Nesco FS-160 Food Slicer, 180-watt, Stainless Steel/Black


Nesco Meat Slicer
The first model we will look at is the FS-160 Nesco Meat Slicer.

This is a general-purpose food slicer designed to be the perfect companion for any home chef.

Nesco meat slicers are known for their excellent construction and quality materials, and even this affordable model will not disappoint.

This housing of the unit is made from die-cast aluminum, which keeps the weight low without sacrificing durability.

The entire assembly weighs less than 12 lbs., so you won’t need to worry about struggling to move this slicer out of your kitchen cabinets and onto your countertop.

The 180-Watt motor can provide effortless cutting for any type of meat, vegetables, hard cheese, and even some hard bread like French baguettes.

The blade measures 7.5” and is made from hardened stainless steel.

The serrated blade helps to prevent the sticking of softer meats and other ingredients, so you can use this as a fully-functional food slicer, rather than only as a meat slicer.

Because this is the most affordable model on this list, there are some plastic parts, such as the food guide.

This may be disappointing if you demand the highest quality steel or aluminum parts on your appliances.

However, if you simply want the most affordable option, then the plastic parts can get the job done.

Choose this model if you simply want one of the highest quality meat slicers and you are shopping on a tight budget.

Nesco Meat Slicer

Nesco FS-200, Food Slicer, Gray, Aluminum with 7.5 inch Stainless Steel Blade, 180 watts


Nesco Meat Slicer
If You can raise your budget, then you could consider the the
FS-200 model Nesco Meat Slicer.

This has many of the same features as the previous model but has a design that is arguably more attractive for use in a designer kitchen.

If you like the functionality of the FS-160 model, but want something more presentable, then this could be the perfect slicer for you.

The unit is constructed from aluminum, which again keeps it lightweight without sacrificing quality or durability.

Like the previous model, there are some plastic parts used, but these are on areas of the unit that won’t be subjected to intensive wear and tear.

The food guide is made from plastic, and the ends of the housing are also constructed using plastic.

The blade is a 7.5” type made from serrated hardened steel, and it is powered by a 180-Watt motor that will easily get through almost any home slicing work that you will need to perform.

The movement of the guide bar is smooth, so working with this meat slicer is a breeze.

With some models, you can find that the guide gets stuck, with too much friction between the rail and the main food platform.

This is not a problem on this Nesco meat slicer or any of the other models mentioned in this overview.

The quality is impressive, particularly considering the low price of this slicer.

Like most modern food slicers, there is plenty of versatility in the type of food that you can cut.

Whether you want to slice a smoked barbeque brisket, boneless chicken or turkey, steak, ham, luncheon, or meatloaf, you will find that it is more than up to the task.

You’ll also be able to slice all of your favorite fruits and vegetables with cutting thickness up to 9/16”.

Choose this Nesco meat slicer if you want something affordable that also looks great in a modern kitchen.

Nesco Meat Slicer

Nesco FS-250 Food Slicer Stainless Steel

Nesco Meat Slicer Lastly, we take a look at the FS-250 Nesco Meat Slicer, another 180-Watt model that has a larger cutting blade and premium steel parts used in the construction.

If you have been disappointed by the liberal use of plastic on the previous two models, then this one might be more appealing to you.

The food guide and platform are both made from steel. And only some minor (non-functional) design elements of the slicer are made using plastic.

The blade is slightly larger than the previous two models, measuring 8.7”.

It uses a serrated blade that is perfect for most food types that can be processed in a slicer.

Cold cuts, smoked meat, barbeque, roast cuts, and most fruits and vegetables will be perfectly suited to this slicer.

You can prepare your specialty meats at home, using an appliance that is just like what the professionals use.

Choose this model if you want something more premium, but that still retains the classic Nesco design and quality.

This is a food slicer that could last for years in your home, with very little maintenance required.

It has been highly reviewed by consumers, with an average 4.0/5-Star score from online reviews.

When you want to have confidence knowing that you are making a worthwhile investment that will perform for many years to come, then the Nesco FS-250 is a great choice.

With more metal parts than the previous two Nesco models, you’ll have much more confidence in your purchase.

Most importantly, the jump in price is only marginal, so in most cases, you will be able to invest in this slicer even when you are on a tight budget.

Nesco Meat SlicerThe Perfect Nesco Meat Slicer for Your Needs and Budget

The three models presented here are all priced competitively, allowing you to purchase an essential kitchen tool on a budget.

Nesco quality is well known in kitchens around the world.

And you could make life easier by investing in any of the slicers that you’ve learned about today.

Start by considering your budget and then choose the model that best fits.

Each slicer on this list performs a similar function, with design and construction being the main differentiator between each one.

By taking the time to choose a Nesco meat slicer that fits your needs and budget, you could enjoy effortless slicing of meat, cheese, vegetables, and fruit in your home for many years to come.

If you’ve always wanted a meat slicer but figured that it would be too expensive, then the Nesco brand will be a big surprise for you.