What Pans Can Be Used on a Gas Grill?
What Pans Can Be Used on a Gas Grill?

What Pans Can Be Used on a Gas Grill?

What Pans Can Be Used on a Gas Grill?

Grilling is one of the best ways to cook food for family dinners, special occasions, and holidays.

Cooking outdoors is relaxing and grilling can impart excellent flavor for meats and other ingredients.

You might not know that you can also use your grill much like a conventional stovetop.

Whether you use a side burner or the main burner, you can place pans on your grill.

Learn what pans can be used on a gas grill and get more versatility from your favorite cooking appliance.

Cast Iron is the Best Material for Grill Pans

What Pans Can Be Used on a Gas Grill?

Any pan that you use on your grill needs to be durable and resistant to high heat.

If you cook over the main burner, the heat won’t be as focused as it is on a stovetop, so your pan will need to have durable sides as well as a solid base.

Cast iron is the best choice when cooking on a grill.

The material will resist heat and every surface is solid.

This material can last a lifetime and can be restored even if it rusts.

You won’t ever run into the unfortunate experience of having a warped pan, and there are no layers to delaminate.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet Pans for Gas Grills

What Pans Can Be Used on a Gas Grill?

As one of the most trusted names in cookware, Lodge is a top brand to consider for your grill.

A Lodge Cast Iron Skillet will go the distance with quality that can last for your lifetime and beyond.

The design of a Lodge Cast Iron Skillet is simple and convenient.

The bottom is heavy and flat so it retains heat well and is perfect for frying or sauteing.

The sides are angled to make it easier to remove food.

The entire construction of a Lodge Cast Iron Skillet is solid so there’s no risk of the pan warping when exposed to high heat.

And, being cast iron, your skillet will have natural non-stick properties when it is well seasoned with oil.

If you want to sear the steak in oil, baste with butter and herbs, cook a stir-fry using your grill, or prepare anything that calls for a pan, this is the perfect option.

  • What Pans Can Be Used on a Gas Grill?This Lodge Cast Iron Skillet is 10.25 inches in diameter and is ideal for small and medium-sized grills. The solid construction is a bonus for durability. Larger options are available, up to 15 inches for multi-burner gas grills.

A Flat Griddle Pan for Your Grill

You don’t need to use a traditional pan on your grill.

Many home cooks want to increase versatility with solid hot plates and griddle plates.

Lodge reversible flat pans are ideal for this.

Just like the Lodge Skillet, a flat pan is made from cast iron and will last a lifetime.

Lodge pre-seasons all of their cast-iron products at the factory so they are ready for cooking right out of the box.

Make Your Grill More Versatile Today

What Pans Can Be Used on a Gas Grill?

Whether choosing a skillet-style pan or a flat grill pan, you now know what pans can be used on a gas grill.

You can expand your cooking options for flavorful meals outdoors that would otherwise only be suited to your stovetop.

Choose cast iron pans when cooking on your grill and enjoy durability and practicality for meals anytime.