Where are Monument Grills Manufactured?
Where are Monument Grills Manufactured?

Where are Monument Grills Manufactured?

Where are Monument Grills Manufactured?

Monument Grills is a relatively new name on the grilling market, but the company has quickly established itself with cost-competitive products, impressive features, and great quality.

Monument is based in Atlanta, Georgia, but this isn’t where the grills are made.

Let’s find out where are Monument grills manufactured and see some models worth considering today.

About Monument Grills

Monument Grills was founded in 2001 in Atlanta, Georgia, where the company is still based today.

The founders were a group of experts in grill design and manufacturing.

Before becoming its brand, Monument was an OEM for some of the world’s most trusted grill manufacturers.

Based in Georgia, the company’s manufacturing facilities are in China.

Anyone asking where are Monument grills manufactured can now answer that all-important question.

Specifically, the grills are made in Ningbo, a sub-provincial city in Eastern China that is well-known for its manufacturing capabilities and economic growth.

It’s common to see American brands manufacturing in China these days. China offers cost-competitive manufacturing with excellent quality control and reliability.

China has advanced infrastructure to keep costs reasonable without compromising the durability of grills produced.

Top brands, including Weber and Napoleon, also manufacture some of their grills in China.

Monument keeps quality high by designing and engineering grills in the United States and overseeing all quality assurance.

The Best Monument Grill to Consider Today


Where are Monument Grills Manufactured?
This Monument Grills 4-Burner Stainless Steel Propane Gas Grill is a compelling option when you’re looking for a large grill with features comparable to mid-range Weber and Napoleon grills.

This model has four main burners, 723 square inches of total cooking area, a clear-view hood, LED lighting, a side burner, and a sear burner.

It’s one of the most full-featured grills at its price point.

A Monument Tabletop Propane Grill

Where are Monument Grills Manufactured?Monument also makes great portable grills, like this Monument Grills Tabletop Portable Propane Grill.

With two burners, all-stainless steel construction, and a hood thermometer, it’s one of the most impressive portable grills at its price point.

Monument always competes when it comes to great value.

When you want affordability without compromising quality, this is one of the best brands to start with.

You’ve now learned where are Monument Grills manufactured.

All that’s left is to compare the available models and find the perfect grill for your unique needs.

Monument might not be the oldest brand around, but it’s already making a name for itself as one of the most competitive.