How Can I Add Flavor to My Gas Grill?
How Can I Add Flavor to My Gas Grill?

How Can I Add Flavor to My Gas Grill?

How Can I Add Flavor to My Gas Grill?

Cooking outdoors is relaxing, a great way to entertain, and the flavors you can get from a gas grill can be mouthwatering. If you’re not excited about the meals that you get from your grill, it’s usually just a simple case of needing to adjust your cooking methods.

You’ve asked the question: how can I add flavor to my gas grill? We have some simple tricks and techniques to get your favorite ingredients to taste better than ever before.

Try Cooking with Smoke

While a dedicated smoker will always produce the richest flavors, you can still get impressive results when using a gas grill. To smoke with your gas grill, you’ll need one extra accessory, smoke chips, and some time.

A smoker box can be placed on the grilling surface to infuse rich flavor into your food. The Weber Stainless Steel Smoker Box is a reliable option designed for gas grills.

With wood chips, it’s best to go for a variety pack so that you can experiment with new flavors. This Western BBQ Smoking Wood Pack has four unique flavors to try.

  • Soak your wood chips for 30 minutes and pat dry.
  • Add them to the smoker box and place the box over a burner at low or medium heat.
  • Cook your ingredients away from the direct heat with the hood down until they reach the ideal temperature.

If you want to add flavor quickly, you can use the smoker box while cooking at standard grill temperatures. The flavor will be less complex but still an improvement over cooking without smoke. With a smoker box, you can experiment and develop your preferred cooking style for flavorful meat and vegetables cooked on the grill.

Baste Your Meat as You Cook

How Can I Add Flavor to My Gas Grill?

If you aren’t impressed by your grilled meals, you can try basting your meat as you cook. Basting makes the cooking process more personal and involved, and it’s incredibly rewarding. Your ingredients will form a flavorful crust that adds new complexity to beef, pork chops, poultry, and fish.

If you’re basting, use a lower heat setting to avoid the marinade burning and becoming bitter. Burners should be set to medium.

  • Chicken should be basted every 15 – 20 minutes or as often as the outside of the meat begins to crust.
  • Barbecued steak and pork should be basted every 15 minutes throughout the entire cooking process.

You’ll need a basting brush and a delicious marinade or basting mix to get great results. This HQY BBQ Basting Brush is made from stainless steel with silicone bristles and is perfect for use outdoors. Simply give your ingredients a generous coating using the time guides above.

For the marinade, consider this Wickers Marinade and Baste Sauce. It’s ideal for all meat types cooked on the grill. You can also use your favorite marinade or BBQ sauce to baste with. Experimentation is key to enjoying different flavors every time that you cook.

Try a Rub on Your Favorite Ingredients

How Can I Add Flavor to My Gas Grill?

If you don’t want to baste continuously as you cook, you can try a rub instead. Rubs are great for poultry and large cuts of beef, pork, and game. Some of the best rubs for grilling contain sugar, which caramelizes on the surface and creates a delicious crust.

Just like with basting, you should use rubs at lower temperatures to avoid the ingredients burning and becoming bitter. Medium temperature over the grill or indirect cooking (with the hood down and off the direct flame) is best.

This BBQ Seasoning Set from Pork Barrel BBQ is perfect for rubs. All of the rubs are sugar-free so you don’t need to worry about burning and bitter flavors.

This makes these a little more user-friendly if you haven’t used a rub for grilled meat. With a chicken, steak, and spice rub in the set, you’ll be able to use this set for anything from game, pork, and beef to poultry and fish.

Sear Your Steaks

If it’s steaks that are causing you a flavor headache, you can get better results by changing your cooking method. Some first-time grillers simply throw their steaks on the grilling surface and wait until they turn brown. There’s a little more involved in getting the perfect grilled steak.

  • Makes sure that you sear your steak on all sides at a high temperature. You can do this on a solid plate or cooking grids above an open flame. 1 – 2 minutes per side is enough to form a crust. Use grill tongs to hold the steak to sear the sides as well as the larger surfaces.
  • When seared, take the steak off the direct heat and finish it with the hood down until you achieve your desired doneness.

Use a cooking thermometer like this Alpha Grillers Instant Read Meat Thermometer to check the internal temperature.

  • Remove at 52°C / 125°F for Medium Rare
  • Remove at 58°C / 136°F for Medium
  • Remove at 68°C / 154°F for Well Done

Make sure to ALWAYS rest steaks for 5 minutes to allow the cooking process to finish before slicing and serving.

Flavor is All About Technique and Ingredients

How Can I Add Flavor to My Gas Grill?

Try our tips to add flavor to your gas grill. Whether it’s smoke, basting, a rub, or a better steak method, you can get amazing results that will impress.