Weber Master-Touch Charcoal Grill 22”
Weber Master-Touch Charcoal Grill 22”

Weber Master-Touch Charcoal Grill 22”

weber charcoal grill
It has garnered a reputation as one of the finest on the market – and with good reason.

For years, people have wondered how to go about finding the ideal solution for a wonderful BBQ experience.

It’s hard to get the right combination of features, ease of use and simplicity of management.

Put simply, finding the kind of grill that you want to use can become an exercise in frustration.

At that point, many people tend to choose to go down the route of finding something nice and simplistic.

However, for those who might be looking for something a bit more impressive, then the Weber 14501001 Master-Touch might just be worth your time, money and effort.

Not only is this one of the most impressive forms of charcoal grill on the market, but it offers a fine selection of features that other models simply do not.

If you have been looking for a grill with a rather fantastic collection of features, then this is a fine place to get started with.

Not only is it a large enough model to help make sure you can get those BBQ parties on the go with more than enough for everyone, but it’s extremely powerful.

This gives you the chance to easily make up quality meals that are going to be cooked to perfection.

Really, it has garnered a reputation as one of the finest on the market – and with good reason.

It’s a product that offers a fair bit of value for the relatively friendly cost, too. S

o, what makes the Weber 14501001 Master-Touch such a well-devised piece of kit?

Should you be picking it over some of the other models on the market today? Or should you just be sticking with what you already have?

Some of the major reasons for changing, though, are discussed below. I

n this review you should find it quite easy to work out whether or not the Weber 14501001 Master-Touch is really the piece of kit that you need, or if you could do better.

We all have our own personal choices, but let’s look at what makes this such a beloved piece of kit.

About Weber-Stephen

First things first – if it was not for Weber-Stephen, we wouldn’t have the Weber 14501001 Master-Touch. It’s a by-product of decades of stellar work, commitment and quality that has been put into each model.

They are one of the most reputed name in the charcoal grill industry, having a fine collection of models and styles that will simply make such a huge impression on you.

Really, they are one of the best companies in the industry. Ever since they were founded in the early 1950s, they have been one of the few companies to remain consistent and to always put the customer first.

They are a company that has held the enviable role of being the best charcoal grill developers more or less since the word go.

Known for their commitment to using ethical practice and the finest of materials to build their hardware, the Weber 14501001 Master-Touch – and others from Weber-Stephen – can be seen as a good investment of your money.

Performance always matters, and one of the main reasons – we believe – that Weber gets it so right is their background.

As a family-owned business, they have long run with an ideology of creating the perfect family-theme and party-inspired grills.

This means that they can be relied upon to not only make some pretty awesome hardware, but to build it with the specifications and requirements of each and every user in mind.

They build hardware that is meant for long-term usage for large social gatherings, celebrations and beyond.

This is one of the reasons why Weber-Stephen is among the finest models on the market today.

Unlike many other small businesses that eventually become huge, they have kept up with the old commitment to quality that made them so extensive in the first place.

It’s thanks to this willingness to keep working, building and improving that has propelled this business to the pinnacle.

If you are looking for the best charcoal grills, then you might want to stay in the Weber-Stephen range.

The Weber 14501001 Master-Touch might not be for you, but they’ll have something!

The Weber 14501001 Master-Touch

weber charcoal grillSo, now that you know a bit about the masterminds behind creating this little masterpiece, how do we take it further?

How can you make sure that what you are getting lives up to these (exceptionally) lofty standards?

Well, for one, you can feel safe in the knowledge that this is a re-take on the wildly popular Original Kettle 22”.

The Weber 14501001 Master-Touch moves beyond that original piece of kit, which was albeit very impressive, giving it a nice update and improving on some of its less beloved features and factors, making an even more impressive piece of kit.

It carries a 22.5” plated steel grate, which gives you ample space for cooking everything that you could possibly need during any BBQ session.

Not only does it have plenty of space, it makes use of smartly included hinged sides which allow for easy coal replenishment.

Given other models can be a challenge in themselves just to replenish, this helps to avoid that. The central grating can also be lifted out with ease, ensuring that you can add in a bit of extra firepower, so to speak.

For example, you could throw on a bit of extra equipment like a Wok or a Pizza Stone. Either way, this makes it so much easier to use your Weber 14501001 Master-Touch to the way that you like.

You don’t just need to stick to the basics: with some other accessories you can more or less transform how this piece of kit is going to work.

For that reason alone, most people absolutely love using this piece of hardware: it’s solid.

The Weber 14501001 Master-Touch is loved because it offers you such ample space and size, and it ensures that cooking is done in the right way.

Not only does it have immense size and scale, but the ways in which you can use this vary greatly.

Keeping this in mind, you can make something pretty damn impressive using this.

How, though, can one go about making the most of their Master Touch? How can you ensure it’s doing the job you require?

How to Use
weber charcoal grill
”… exceptional quality of the way it operates. ‘

Really, the usage of this is one of the most important parts of owning this particular charcoal grill.

The Weber 14501001 Master-Touch makes it as easy to use as it possibly can, creating a large and specifically sized solution that is a piece of cake to line up how you wish.

If we had to recommend this for one reason and one reason alone, it would be the rather exceptional quality of the way it operates.

As we mentioned above, you have a large plated steel grate that you can just drop everything in on and let it cook as you usually would.

What you also get with the help of this, though, is the variety and options that you can work with – from a Wok to a Griddle to the Pizza Stone mentioned above, this really is a variable piece of kit.

Just be sure its stone cold before you start making any adjustments, lest you burn your hands!

To start off with, simply lift up the nylon lid handle – this offers a protecting heat shield, by the way, so you don’t need to worry about your fingers getting singed when you are opening it up.

Once you prop it open, get your equipment for cooking with and hang them from the awesome little utility hooks that are on the model.

Making use of the fine char basket this delivers, too, so that you can easily move charcoal to and from the Weber 14501001 Master-Touch itself.

By doing this, you can make sure that you can easily move charcoal underneath the grating to allow for the right areas to see the correct level of heat.

When you want to take a step away to mingle, use the simple little lid holder to keep the lid up while you go and party.

Also, be sure to have the little receptacle attached on at the bottom to grab all of your ash and stop it from floating around in the sky around you all. When its full, simply open it up and empty out the contents – voila!

weber charcoal grill
” When its full, simply open it up and empty out the contents – voila! ‘

Choose if you want to put all your coal on one side or go for a two-zone roasting solution: it really is your choice.

If you feel like you need a bit more space to work within, then fear not – you can pick up some awesome add-ons for this simply by investing in the EZ Grill Conversion Kit.

This makes your Weber 14501001 Master-Touch not only a bit larger but also makes it have a smoking option.

Overall, you would need to do a lot of looking around to find a charcoal grill that is as affordable, reliable and effective to use.

Why Use the Weber 14501001 Master-Touch?

As one of the most powerful kettle charcoal grills on the market today, the Weber 14501001 Master-Touch has many reasons why you should look to use it. Just some of the reasons why it absolutely stands out from the crowd, though, could be looked at as:

  • A huge amount of space. If you are looking to do a fair chunk of grilling and would like to have all the space that you need, then this is almost certainly the place to start. Not only does the 22-inch diameter give you plenty of assistance, but the large porcelain bowl and lid ensures that you have a 363-square-inch cooking surface. If you need plenty of space for doing those big and grandiose BBQs, this makes that very easy to make possible.
  • Add in the fact it has what would be known as a Gourmet-level hinged cooking grate, and it’s so easy to see why the Weber 14501001 Master-Touch is such a fine piece of kit. It ensures that you can cook on the best quality of surface, allowing for the finest result and the most dynamic results possible. If you are in need of finding a bit of extra help and assistance, then be sure to invest in this.
  • Simple and easy cleaning. Cleaning is so important for a grill system and the Weber 14501001 Master-Touch is one of the best charcoal grill programs on the market. It’s super easy to clean, with an aluminized steel ash catcher. Now, you won’t have all that ash floating around the place and making it look like a miniscule inferno has taken place. The Master-Touch does a fine job of making sure you can get cleaned up nice and fast, making life so much easier from a post-BBQ mind-set.
  • It’s entirely resistant to rusting, too, which is very important. This makes use of an aluminium damper and also two high-quality glass-reinforced nylon handles, complete with those brilliant tool hooks. If organization and longevity makes a big difference to you, then this is almost certainly one of the most enjoyable models on market.

Keeping all of this in mind makes it much easier for you to buy into and fully appreciate the importance of having a good, reliable piece of kit. If you’ve been looking around for assistance on why to invest in something like the Weber 14501001 Master-Touch, you can now see why.

Pros and Cons
  • For one, this has some of the most modern cooking capacities of any grill for this type. While it might have been released in 2015, it still stands the test of time and is a fan favorite. If you are looking for a piece of kit that is reliable and good at the job you need then this is almost certainly the perfect place to start.
  • A strong and sturdy solution, this makes sure you are left with a robust platform that can make even the most grandiose of cooking experiences become a piece of cake (not literally!)
  • Cleaning up is so easy. If you are sick of tidying up feeling like an exercise in futility, then this can be a much easier solution to work with. It’s a strong and reliable solution, one that is almost certainly going to help you keep it in good shape. Longevity matters and with the easy cleaning and removal of ash, this bad-boy is going to last you for many summers!
  • It’s very versatile. Easy addition of other accessories and features ensures that you can work with this without any problems at all. Thanks to this, you will be much closer to getting an all-encompassing cooking option: one that you can make sure maintains its style many years after you make the investment.
  • One of the most frustrating things about this model, though, is the balance. The little three-leg design makes it rather ungainly and you will likely need to do a fair bit of messing around to get it to sit right. While hardly the end of the world, it can become more than a little annoying when you work with the grill.
  • Also, the thermometer that is included with it is, at best, a little bit off. We recommend investing in a better digital thermometer instead as the quality of the one provided simply is not up to scratch. Unless you don’t mind being several degrees out for most of your cooking, then it would be very smart to invest in something a touch more impressive and robust.
Final Thought

Really, the Weber 14501001 Master-Touch is one of the best charcoal grills on the market at the moment.

It’s a great piece of kit and lives up to the ever-reliable Weber seal of approval. If you are in need of a really good and effective piece of kit that can deliver many summers worth of quality cooking, then this might just be it.

Yes, it could be a bit more stable and, yes, it could give you a better thermometer. But, for the price you actually pay? I

t’s a fine piece of kit. If you are on the market for something that is affordable and awesome then this  fine piece is definitely recommended !

weber charcoal grill