How to Use Woodchips on a Gas Grill
How to Use Woodchips on a Gas Grill

How to Use Woodchips on a Gas Grill

How to Use Woodchips on a Gas GrillOne of the biggest advantages of a charcoal grill is its ability to use woodchips and pellets to infuse rich smoky flavor into ingredients.

Whether you’re cooking steaks, ribs, large BBQ cuts, or any other type of meat, you’ll need to introduce some smoke if you want real roadhouse flavor.

Cooking with a gas grill is often more convenient than charcoal, but some owners find that they miss the authentic smoky flavors.

With the right technique and equipment, you can incorporate woodchips into your cooking routine and enjoy the flavors that you’ve been missing out on.

Using a Smoker Box with a Gas Grill

How to Use Woodchips on a Gas GrillIf you plan to add smoke to your cooking regularly, you can invest in a gas grill smoker box. Most boxes are designed with perforated tops and sides to release smoke.

The bottom should be solid to prevent chips and pellets from burning.

Smoker boxes come in both cast iron and stainless steel.

Cast iron is great for long sessions (due to superior heat retention), while stainless steel is ideal for adding quick flavor to food.

A smoker box is convenient because you can wash and reuse the box any time that you want.

Woodchips and ash can be easily emptied once the grill has cooled down.

You can even open the box and add new woodchips if you will be cooking low-and-slow over long periods.

The smoker box should be placed directly on the cooking grates on top of a burner.

Improvising an Aluminum Smoker Pouch

If you won’t be using woodchips often, you can improvise a simple smoker pouch using kitchen aluminum foil.

This is a quick and simple method that provides excellent results every time.

Start by taking your wood chips or pellets and place them in a small pouch of aluminum foil.

Completely wrap the wood chips to prevent them from falling out as they burn down to ash.

You can form your pouch into a flat rectangle or cylindrical shape.

You’ll need a way to get the smoke out of the pouch, so pierce it on the top and sides with a BBQ fork or skewer.

A small pouch with a handful of chips can be placed directly on the cooking grid and will provide smoke for cooking sessions of around one or two hours.

Keep the top down and reduce your cooking temperature to infuse more flavor.

Getting the Best Results From Your Woodchips

Adding woodchips and pellets is as simple as buying a smoker box or creating an improvised pouch.

With the following tips, you’ll be able to create meals with complex flavors that will delight your tastebuds and impress your family and friends.

  • Try soaking your woodchips first. You can get a better smolder by soaking chips in vinegar, beer, apple juice, or water for 20 minutes. Lightly pat the chips down with a paper towel before putting them in a smoker box or aluminum foil.
  • Experiment with woodchips until you find a flavor you love. You can even combine different chips for unique flavors.
  • Smoking is an art, not a science. Start by using a handful of chips for your grilling sessions. If you find that you need more smoke flavor, use more woodchips, and smoke your food for longer.

Try These Products for Delicious Smoked Food on Your Gas Grill

To get started, try adding smoky flavor with these products for gas grills.

Smoke is a simple and fun way to add complexity to your grill recipes. Follow our tips and you’ll find new versatility in your gas grill.